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Hancock is the industry leader in steep and high roof inspection services, with coast-to-coast reach and a signature combination of expertise, scalability, and efficiency.




Quality Control & Training

Strategically located throughout the country, all of our technicians are committed to maintaining the highest standards in customer service. Our carrier driven training model focuses on the value of the total customer experience.

  • Certification

    Our technicians are required to be engineering certified, and we regularly participate in carrier driven calibration classes. This consistent level of focus allows us to ensure accuracy, professionalism and efficiency when conducting inspections.

  • Experience Required

    Our technicians have backgrounds in roofing, claims adjusting, or construction-related industries. These requirements equip our team with a wealth of industry experience that they are able to draw upon throughout the inspection process.

  • Classroom Training & In-The-Field Mentoring

    Our technicians are specifically calibrated for each carrier’s unique requirements including both technical expertise and interpersonal skills to provide the total customer experience.

    Our team members are proud to learn from each other and grow together in order to create a cohesive Hancock team. From classroom mentoring, to in-the-field training, each of our technicians learn how to provide professional experiences that customers can rely on.

  • Quality Assurance

    Hancock maintains a dedicated team of quality assurance professionals that perform a quality control review on all claim files daily. This team deploys their knowledge to ensure that the damage determination and material identification provided by the technician meet our standards. We take pride in our promise to provide a superior level of customer satisfaction to all of our customers and encourage our roof technicians to not only meet but to exceed these expectations every day. From our reports and response times to our ongoing communication with customers, we provide an optimal experience from beginning to end.

Ladder Assist

Hancock performs technology-assisted steep and high roof inspections.

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Direct Inspect

Hancock coordinates directly with the insured to schedule and complete an exterior inspection ...

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Emergency Tarping & Board-ups

We deploy teams across the country to facilitate emergency tarping services to prevent further...

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Underwriting Solutions

Hancock now provides in-depth assessments of properties for policy determination.

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Trust the Team in Blue

Count on our True Blue professionals to provide technical expertise, rapid response and quality services.

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