About Us

About Us

We pioneered our industry.

Founded by Contractors, Devoted to Carriers

Our commitment to teamwork and dedication to the insurance industry’s evolving needs has allowed us to establish ourselves as the premier national ladder assist company.

We have real industry knowledge from our beginnings as a contracting company founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 2003. Through our successes in the field, we received an invitation to pilot a program for an insurance carrier’s ladder assist program in 2004, providing higher and steeper access and storm damage assessment on their behalf. By 2008, we made the decision to stop all contracting work and begin to offer our services to meet the specialized needs of the insurance industry without any conflict of interest.

Team Hancock

We work as a team to provide the highest level of service to our clients. We’re committed to giving our clients a professional, confidence-inspiring experience by maintaining a uniform appearance, communicating well, and going above and beyond to assist our partners in the field.

A Local Catastrophe Partner with National Mobility

Hancock Claims Consultants operates as a local business partner to many of the top insurance carriers in the industry. We staff offices in a growing list of cities historically affected by storms. After catastrophic events, we can deploy additional teams of highly experienced, engineering certified, steep and high roof trained technicians within 24-48 hours to most U.S. cities. As an added benefit, carriers may reduce the costs required to mobilize claims Adjusters into affected areas by leveraging our dependable staffing resources — technicians who are often already in place.

An Everyday Partnership

The need for a close partnership is more obvious in the chaos after a catastrophe, but a large part of our business focuses on regular, everyday claim needs as well. We assist local insurance Adjusters daily in 20+ U.S. states with steep and high roof inspections, whether it’s Adjuster-present ladder assists, or direct inspections without an Adjuster present.

We guarantee

  • 24/7 Prompt Responses
  • Ability to Access Any Roof
  • Precise, Accurate Reporting
  • Flexibility to Adjuster’s Schedule